RISING : Yasiin Bey
June 9, 2024
“Flow greatest like the greatest lakes” — Yasiin Bey It was one of the great mic drops in rap history. In 2009 Yasiin Bey (FKA Mos Def) released The Ecstatic. It was his comeback after a Hollywood hangover. A post-War-on-Terror opus from Bed-Stuy's best. The album opens with a dedication to God in Arabic and a sampled speech from Malcom X, then it leaps across continents in easy bounds. He raps about love, war and spirituality over Turkish psych, weed-heavy soul, middle eastern strings, Bollywood, Latin, reggae, afrobeat, Eurodance, jazz, Spanish detours and Mary Poppins. There’s even a Black Star reunion over a Dilla beat. Critics loved it. Fans loved it. But, despite its success, Yasiin moved out of the spotlight not long after. And you can’t even find the album on streaming services these days. But you can get down to PICA and witness one the best rappers to ever do it take the stage and perform his masterpiece for RISING. Live on his first tour to Australia in 13 years.
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